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Safety Tips for Holiday Roof Decorations

It’s never too early to spread holiday cheer, and decorating is the perfect way to get in the spirit. While hanging stockings and decking out the Christmas tree aren’t all that dangerous, once it’s time to adorn the roof with string lights and other signals for Santa, there are certain safety considerations to be aware of to help prevent injuries during the holiday season. Review the following safety tips before installing holiday roof decorations.


Choose a Safe Day to Decorate the Roof

Before the freezing Portland rain ensues, it’s best to decorate the roof on a clear, sunny day. Decorating or not, it’s unsafe to stand on the roof during heavy rain, wind, or snow, and if the sun is setting soon, it’s best to wait until the following day. Since it gets dark out earlier during this time of year, plan to install decorations in the morning or early afternoon rather than later in the day.


Items to Avoid

Never use nails or staples on the roof—they can permanently damage shingles and make the roof more vulnerable to the elements. Some heavy-duty staple guns can penetrate beyond the roof’s shingles and cause holes that can invite moisture into the home, which can lead to mold, mildew, and eventual structural damage that will require extensive maintenance—or even a new roof—in the long run. Plastic clips and hooks are a safer option that won’t penetrate your roof’s protective barrier.


Watch Out for Hazards

Older homes may be trickier, especially if there’s any visible roof damage like missing or worn shingles, leaks, or overgrown foliage. It’s never a good idea to try climbing on the roof alone—there should always be at least one other person present to survey for potential hazards from the ground and to manage the ladder. Before climbing the ladder, untangle all cords and check for nearby power lines. Avoid putting too much weight on the gutters, which can be damaged by large or heavy objects.

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