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Tile Roofing in the Pacific Northwest

Since 1978 CC&L Roofing Company has been known as the expert in tile roofing in the Pacific Northwest. We have installed countless tile roofs since that time. As the years went by and tile roofing became more popular in this area, a lot of different companies installed tile roofs. Unfortunately, not everyone was an expert! We began to get phone calls about tile roofs in need of repair due to poor installation. This is how our Repair Division started. The great thing about tile roofs is that there are numerous ways to repair poor workmanship. Just because you have a tile roof that leaks does not always mean you need a new roof! In most cases the problems can be repaired. A common area for leakage is in the valleys of the roof. This is due to inadequate valley metal. At CC&L Roofing we use a custom made 24” wide double trough valley metal that we designed. We custom designed this valley metal specially for use in the Pacific Northwest, where as we all know it rains quite a bit! Other common tile roof repairs included re-flashing walls, skylights, and chimneys. Due to the weather we get here, the flashings details on a tile roof are very important. Whether you need repairs to your existing tile roof, or are interested in a new tile roof, give CC&L Roofing Company a call today!

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