Journal of Japanese Gardening, Jan/Feb 2003

John Hall of the Portland Japanese Gardens wrote:

"We were fortunate to discover CC&L Roofing of Portland. The president, Dan Cornwell, and his foreman are both experienced with Japanese roofs. Moreover, they have worked closely with a major importer of JN tile in Los Angeles, so they could easily get additional advice if needed. The crew worked quietly and unobtrusively, which is no small consideration for a heavily visited public garden."

DECRA Forum newsletter, volume 1 issue 3

Contractor Profile: Dan Cornwell of CC&L Roofing Company

"Since Dan Cornwell opened CC&L Roofing company in 1978, he has been heavily involved with the roofing industry. As the owner of a specialty roofing company, Cornwell and 50 employees at his Portland, Oregon office serve high-end roofing clients. CC&L Roofing Co. primarily serves the Portland metropolitan area, but also Seattle, northern California and the Oregon Coast.

Although Cornwell's business is in the Pacific Northwest, his name is familiar to many people in the roofing industry throughout the entire West. Over the past nine years, Cornwell has served on both the Western States Roofing Contractors Association board of directors, the executive committee and more recently elected president of the WSRCA."

The U.S. Green Building Council, 2006

Worked with the Stoller Winery in Dayton, Oregon to achieve LEED -NC v2 Gold certification. The Stoller Winery was the first LEED-certified winery in the country. 

Home Building News, Feb. 2007

Member Profile: Dan Cornwell

How'd you get started: I got started two weeks short on pay in 1978 when the roofing company I was employed by decided it would be cheaper to use subcontractors than to have the overhead associated with employees. They informed us that they couldn't make payroll and if we wanted to keep working we should become subcontractors and they would pay us when they got paid. My business partner Mike Cooper and I set-up shop that day and the following week we were working as sub-subs for three different established companies and shortly became the in-house installer for Perma-Roof, the tile plant where we had started out. We sold 1/3 of our yet-to-be-established company to Dale Logan for $1,200 in start-up money and formed CC&L Roofing. Logan departed the firm two years later but we help onto the name as we had begun to build our reputation.

Secrets to success: Never quit. You can't win all the time, but those who can withstand the most failures without giving in will persevere in the long run.

Measuring success: While getting filthy rich is nice, and I hope there is still time for that, my measurement of success is in the building of a reputation for providing the technical expertise and absolute highest level of quality to complete the most challenging roofing projects, and then doing it.

Old St. Peter’s Landmark Preservation, Inc. newsletter, Summer 1995

"Over 22 years after Nicky Tom's article in the Dalles Chronicle and the Landmark is still going… and work began on the first of September on a new roof. Five layers of scaffolding have been constructed to reach the roofline. The shingles, made in Canada, will be as close to the original shape and gray color as possible and are supposed to last 75 to 100 years. The great-grandchildren can worry about the next roof! The project is expected to be completed in two to three weeks. CC&L Roofing Co. is the outfit installing the roof and came recommended by several businesses and Reed College."


Roofer Magazine, August 1996

Roofing the Chinook Winds Gaming & Convention Center

"…The slate shingles and copper shingles were completed by CC&L Roofing Company of Portland, OR. … My hat is off to all who worked on this project. After ten and twelve hour days working between storms, it was trying sometimes to say the least. The finished project is magnificent and I am proud to have been a part of it."

Cooper & Lybrand L.L.P., June 1996

"Dear Mr. Cornwell:

The partners of Coopers & Lybrand L.L.P. would like to congratulate you on being one of the Portland Metropolitan Area's Fastest Growing 100 Private Companies. As business advisors for many of the Portland Metropolitan Area's emerging and high-growth companies, we are aware of the efforts you have made to grow your company and comment you on your accomplishment.

Again, congratulations and best wishes for continued growth and success."

Professional Roofing Magazine, August 2005

Using foreign tile, by Ambika Puniani Bailey

"According to Frank Lawson Jr. president of The Lawson Roofing Co. Inc, San Francisco, owners often want a specific type of tile, perhaps to remind them of a certain place or vacation.

Dan Cornwell, president of CC&L Roofing Co., Portland, Ore., agrees: 'Often, owners who have traveled aboard and admired the architecture they have seen during their travels will want to build or remodel a home or business to resemble a certain architectural style. Some common requests are for a Japanese garden environment, Italian villa, French country home or an English cottage.'

To fulfill customers' requests, contractors often are forced to seek foreign suppliers because domestic tile companies don't offer tile that would be appropriate for a Japanese teahouse, for example. In addition, Cornwell says some European tile manufacturers produce custom tiles unavailable in the U.S., such as air vent tiles and flue pipe exhaust tiles, among others.

But Cornwell points out if a domestic company produces a tile similar to what a customer requests, such as a German-style tile, he will use the domestic product. And using domestic producers whenever possible is beneficial to the customer, who won't see additional price increases as a result of shipping costs and levies.

'If we domestically manufacture a style of tile similar in appearance and composition to a foreign tile, the domestic tile generally will be less expensive,' Cornwell says. 'That is because shipping costs generally are lower domestically. However, in some cases, moving roof tile by truck across the country can be just as expensive as moving tile by ship overseas. It all depends on location and distance.'"

GAF Materials Corporation

CC&L Roofing Co. received "Installation Excellence Award" for 2004. CC&L was cited with just eight other companies nationwide.

Association Reroof Review, Summer 2004

Experts Talk: Interview with Dan Cornwell, President of WSRCA and Co-Owner of CC&L Roofing Company