Roof Maintenance & Repair in Portland, OR


Nothing is more frustrating than a leaking or otherwise damaged roof. For one, water can lead to a host of other problems for your home including mold, structure deterioration, and loss of your personal belongings. Oftentimes, you may not be able to see exactly just what harm leaking water may be causing.

In addition to that, a properly maintained roof can help reduce energy bills by not letting heat or cooling temperatures escape. 

The Maintenance and Repair Division of CC & L Roofing provides fast and dependable maintenance, service, cleaning, and repair for all types of residential and commercial roofing. You may not need a complete re-roofing performed on your existing building. Our team of licensed and insured roofers can perform proper inspections to assess any damage your roof may have sustained in a storm or a leak that has developed over time that needs to be addressed.

We can properly maintain and repair all kinds of roofing including:

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